Future Generation of Social Media Computing Integration

Apistolic desires to bring world-changing digital architecture advancements to societies, communities and people.

The Digital Home Initiative

The Digital Home Initiative started with a simple challenge to solve 2 critical social media challenges:

  • The invasion and abuse of people’s most-private information by state-of-the-art surveillance companies driven by profit motives. The lack of a ‘home’ for this digital information means it is thrown across digital systems without any respect for the privacy of the user.
  • The lack of free-market forces on social networks: when everyone you know is on a social network, your communitie begin live-streaming and collaborating on those networks, today it is nearly impossible to leave without accepting near-Amish conditions for your social status.
As leaders of democracy and free-markets worldwide, US citizens take for granted that these tools will not be turned against us. What about citizens of other countries like China and Russia? The US must lead in this area, as we have for over 200 years. It might be critical to make it another 200 years.