A Day in a Digital Home

  • As a social media newbie, I signup for FB, which by default as my first social media site becomes my “digital home“ dHome:
  • I begin to store my personal information PII in the Directory on my dHome
  • Email address or mobile phone serve as both address and ‘doorbell’ to my dHome
  • I keep my photos, and videos – or links to my videos – in my Directory on my dHome

I begin to connect with friends on FB, the beginning of my Digital Community ‘dCommunity’, which is also stored in my Directory on my dHome. My dHome e.g. FB serves as my digital front door, protecting my Directory and my PII from unmonitored or unauthorized surveillance and intruders. It also tracks ‘leases’ I’ve authorized of my PII distributed to advertisers and other Social Networks

My friend Robbie is on an external Social Network SN e.g. Twitter and I want to connect him to my dCommunity. His dHome is on Twitter. From FB, I send a friend request to Twitter using Robbie’s email or mobile. On Twitter, Robbie confirms addition, and he is added to my Directory on FB, even though he is on Twitter.

As friends but on different SNs, I receive abstracts of Robbie’s Tweet updates, and he receives abstracts of my posts/stories on FB. We can ‘message’ each other. If authorized from my dHome on FB, Robbie can see my friends, photos and videos.

Via Twitter, Robbie and Twitter can access and cache my PII from my Directory on FB, but access to that data has a ‘shelf-life’: the PII has a ‘digital lease’ attached to it that expires and can be auto-renewed. Expired cached copies of my PII data on Twitter must be purged.

My friend Bradley is on a different SN LinkedIn, and I want to connect him to my dCommunity. I like the features of LinkedIn and decide to create a LinkedIn account to use them, but I want it hinged to my Directory (currently on my FB account). I use my FB dHome ID to signup for LinkedIn. Now I can use LinkedIn’s full suite of features, and also connect to Bradley directly using LinkedIn. When I connect with Bradley, he automatically is added to my dCommunity and dHome on FB. When either of us posts on either SN, the other is notified of a new abstract on their respective dHome sites.

My LinkedIn account accesses my PII/digital stuff through the FB dHome ‘digital front door’, but like a visitor to a physical home, LinkedIn’s ‘lease’ access to this data expires after a certain time. By default, PII leases are automatically renewed weekly. LinkedIn may cache copies of my PII, but once the lease to this data expires, it must be purged.

I learn that LinkedIn’s Premium feature disables ads so I decide to ‘move’ my digiital home: I transfer my dHome/PII from FB to LinkedIn. My FB account and my link to Robbie on Twitter remain in place, but are now hinged to my dHome on LinkedIn. All leases of PII to friends and other networks are transferred as well.

If I unfriend or unfollow somebody, disable my account on an external SN, or simply disable an entire SN (e.g. nobody from AltFB can connect to me), all of my dHome leases currently held by that SN are immediately expired, requiring the associated data to be purged.

FB, LinkedIn, Twitter and any other company choosing to serve as peoples’ dHome adhere to DHI standards; serve as fiduciary protector of each person’s dHome and PII; and serve to monitor ad surveillance.